Our Crew

Meet The Team

We love the work we do and we love the amazing people we work with. Check out our awesome team of individuals below.

Team Member Name

John Smith

Founder & CEO

John has a family of three and enjoys hiking.

Team Member Name

Sean Jackson


Sean's passionate about drawing, art, and photography.

Team Member Name

Fred Jenson

Product Lead

Fred is a Coffee Connoisseur who also loves to ski.

Team Member Name

Jeremy Lee

Lead Engineer

Jeremy loves to spend time with his family and go to the gym.

Team Member Name

Mark Williams

Jr. Engineer

Mark loves to surf and spend time at the beach.

Team Member Name

Carl Mendoza


Carl has eight brothers and a passion for woodwork.

Team Member Name

Sarah Rivers

Lead Designer

Sarah has three dogs and loves to build things.

Team Member Name

Luke Peters


Luke has a family of three and loves to visit the beach.